Meet the Crew

Host: Bree Molitor

Meet Bree MolitorGrowing up in a family of rock crawling competitors, Bree naturally became interested in the sport at a young age. After learning to drive on her dad’s vehicles, she continued to learn more about the growing sport of off-road racing and became a competitor in the Southern Rock Racing Series in 2012. Bree sports Hollywood good looks and Southern charm as she invites the viewer into the exclusive world of competitive rock crawling.

“One of my favorite things about driving is the looks I get when people watch a girl roar up some ridiculous hill. Racing requires a lot of confidence. We ladies have to give the guys some competition!”


Producer: Chad Molitor

Meet Chad MolitorChad has always had a passion for the great outdoors and motorsports. The two interests were joined when he entered the sport of off-road competition in the late 90’s. Chad has won multiple “Tough Truck” competitions and continually places high in other competitive events.

He also has a passion for research and developing the best combination of components and engineering to maintain a competitive edge.


Content Manager: Alisha Rochus

4x4.meetalishaAlisha came to 4X4 Nation 2 years ago with ties to the NASCAR world and years of going to the dirt tracks under her belt. Alisha partners with Bree for promotions and events. An adrenaline junkie, Alisha has quickly picked up skills behind the wheel too. Her knack for entertainment and love for the sport make her a dynamic part of our team!

“I’ve always done the mud boggin thing with all the boys; growing up out in the country we made our own fun! Night riding in Diesels, bon fires in corn fields… it was pretty picturesque of a country western song!”


Tech Editor: Jimmy Penner

jimmyJimmy is the owner of Essentially Offroad in Middle TN. Owning his own shop (EOR) that specializes in 4X4s for the past ten years, and having a knack for mechanics and offroading most of his life, makes Jimmy an expert in all things 4X4. His experience with CRAWL magazine and guest appearances on the Speed channel’s “Extreme 4X4” gives our viewers expert insight into the extreme world of rock crawling.